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Four Pillars is a team that serves as a beacon to projects and investors active in the protocol economy. They are a reliable research partner who can be quickly trusted and help in decision-making when new uncharted territories emerge in the blockchain ecosystem.
Simon KimHashed | CEO
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Four Pillars is a research team with overwhelming insight into the crypto market. They are able to grasp and explain the essential characteristics of major crypto projects, and their analytical skills on both technical and business issues are outstanding. I am confident that Four Pillars' capabilities and execution as crypto communicator will contribute significantly to creating a healthy and forward-looking crypto ecosystem.
JongSeung KimSKT | Web3 Lead
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Four Pillars is an exceptional team of crypto native researchers with a knack to identify emerging narratives early on and stay ahead of trends. I'm confident that their insights will significantly contribute to helping enterprises and projects stay ahead of the curve.
Arjun LI.FI | Research Lead
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We had the pleasure of partnering with Four Pillars on a research project focused on restaking, and the experience was truly outstanding. We were highly impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the entire Four Pillars team. From the very beginning, they exhibited a deep understanding of our project's objectives and requirements.
Joel KahilNethermind |


Namwoong KimCEO & Researcher
Namwoong has always had a keen interest in neutral currency, which led him to learn about Bitcoin quite early. His fascination with blockchain technology prompted him to start a career in the blockchain industry from 2017. He moved through venture capital and large corporations before co-founding a validator company called A41, where he led the research team. Currently, he is actively involved in a blockchain research company he co-founded, known as Four Pillars
- B.A. in Economics, Penn State University
Jaehwan JeongOperation Lead & Researcher
Prior to Four Pillars, Jaehwan worked as a governance lead and protocol specialist at a validator company called A41. He also has experience as a data analyst and AI engineer, and his academic interests are in systems optimization and econometrics.
- M.S. in Management Engineering, KAIST - B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, KAIST
Heechang KangProduct Lead & Researcher
Heechang has a background with experiences focused on Startup and Software Development. He previously worked as a Research Analyst at Xangle, a Technical Researcher at Manythings, and a Software Engineer at a Military Secret Agency.
- B.S. in Computer Science, Hanyang University
Joowong ByunProduct Manager & Researcher
Joowoong Byun aims to bridge the gap between foundational technologies and commercial products in blockchain, leveraging his technical background and business experience. He has previously wokred as a Product Manager at Xangle and as a Research Analyst at Bain & Company and Dunamu Upbit.
- M.S in Mechanical Engineering, KAIST - B.S in Mechanimcal Engieering, Yonsei University
Soomin LeeDesigner
As a designer, Kate possesses proficiency in illustration, 2D graphic design, 3D modeling, and she constantly drives to expand her studies within the design spectrum. As a member of Four Pillars, Kate is in charge of designing Four Pillars merch and visual graphics such as research cover pages.
- B.S. Visual Communication Design, Hongik University