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Steve believes that blockchains are ultimately platforms, and that those who benefit from them will not be immune to the desire for their own platforms. Historically, human evolution has always been characterized by social conflict and political maneuvers fueled by the urge to "control one's own domain," and I foresee this trend echoing within the blockchain ecosystem. Hence, I'm skeptical that the emerging rollup ecosystem around Ethereum will dominate the market entirely. Instead, I anticipate a scenario where diverse blockchains continuously arise and vie for supremacy.Given this perspective, I feel that my research should focus on projects striving to develop their blockchain systems, independent of Ethereum. My projection is that Ethereum's market dominance might decline to around 30% in the upcoming market cycle, and I'm ardently investigating to substantiate my view.
Monolithic Blockchain,SDK & BFT
Jay considers the point at which blockchain can be adopted into existing systems to realize its full potential.Jay's first step is to conduct in-depth research on protocol standards. Blockchains are currently lacking in middleware-like standards that support the organic connection between infrastructure and application layers. This eventually forces end-users to have fragmented UX and understanding technical terms when using multiple applications. Jay believes that improvements in infrastructure standards will improve these areas across the board, facilitating integration between blockchain and traditional systems.Second, Jay is passionate about Web3 Social Infra. Since ancient times, the development of human civilization has been closely correlated with the innovation of interaction methodologies - In particular, today's social media platforms are not just about people connecting with each other, but they have become powerful channels where people can engage in a wide range of activities, such as marketing, information search, and entertainment. As such, Jay believes that the Web3 Social space will also synergize with the properties of blockchain to suggest new kinds of interactions and penetrate our lives more deeply.
Protocol Standards,Web3 Social Infra
xpara believes in using app-specific blockchains to build web3 products tailored to their specific usage, without being limited to a specific blockchain environment. With its custoimzability, full potential of blockchain will be enabled.
Blockchain Finance Infra,Interoperability
Pillarbear believes that it's crucial to bridge the gap between infrastructure technology and products or services for broad adoption of blockchain. The infrastructure of blockchain is currently a rapidly evolving field where various narratives rise altogether. The significance, progress and vision of the technology will be mainly explored. Specifically, a deep interest lies in Modular Blockchain and MEV. Modular Blockchain has already moved beyond the narrative and is becoming a reality. More projects will be deployed via rollups, and correspondingly the blockchain ecosystem will transform into a more diverse structure. Additionally, MEV is not just arbitrage tactics but a question about the dynamics between participants within the system; Which entity captures what value. It is required to understand the mechanisms and analyze their effects for a better user experience and a robust system in both Modular or X-domain systems.
Modular Blockchain,MEV
His primary focus lies within the Ethereum and modular blockchain ecosystem.
Modular Blockchain